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PIAF in Hungarian Agency of the Year


We got great news from Budapest. László Aczél, President of the Hungarian Association of Advertising Agencies and CEO of Y&R Budapest states:

„It is our pleasure to announce that at our last meeting we included PIAF among the main festivals in the Region and included PIAF in our rating system.  We are aware of the effort you have put into making this festival different and prestigious and we want to support you further in our agency community.”

Many thanks for the support.  Hungarian agencies got a total of 8 awards at PIAF. Last year one was silver and one bronze.

Absolut PIAF!

06/05/2012Thanks to all Jurors and Speakers, who strongly suported this years PIAF! Sebastian Billing, Global Communication Director for Absolut at Pernod Ricard, was one of them. This is what he had to say about the out of the box festival: 
"PIAF’s effort in developing a new, fresh and innovative advertising festival has my full support. I think you’re doing a great job in trying to make a difference, break the mold and stimulate the ‘out of the box’ philosophy you want PIAF to stand for in the future. I’m sure the international world of advertising and communication will consider PIAF as the place to enter innovative, ‘out of the box’ work in the future. I will for sure do everything I can to spread the word and encourage people and projects to enter next year – and the years to come. I will start with 2 of my own ABSOLUT projects launching this year."

PIAF 2013 has a date


Next year PIAF will again be held in May.  The jury will meet on Monday 20 May and the conference will follow on Tuesday 21 May and Wednesday 22 May.  On Wednesday evening we will hold the official celebratory announcement of the competition results.  The competition will be opened at the end of January/beginning of February.  PIAF 2013 preparations are officially underway.

Big thanks to thousands of our fans

30/04/2012Three thousand people trained their "out of the box" thinking in our Facebook game over the last weeks. Three of them were awarded by the PIAF festival Jury and won iPad2.

Hugo Crispim from Czech Republic
Nikola Arnaudov and Maria Stoilova from Bulgaria

Thanks all the participants who voted and created ads inspired by the Pixmac pictures. See the summary of our game in this video. The design & development was created by Inspiro Solutions, the creative concept & design supervision was done by VCCP Prague. If you are on Facebook, just tag our photos from the festival in galleries.